Share your files visually. Easy and safe.
Daily file exchanges over creative and business occasions.
COREDRIVE is a novel file sharing service
that realizes easy and safe file exchanges.
Visualize any sorts of files
Not only Microsoft Word or Power Point, you can also preview more than 260 sorts of file types including those for professionals such as Photoshop or Illustrator. Previewing does not need those specific software, so exchanging files becomes much easier.
Share easy and safe.
Dropping the file onto browser is all you have to do to send it to receiver. You can create a group board for colleagues or friends and can share your files safe between specific members. For files open to public, you can share safely by setting open period or password.
Simple communication
File sharing information is automatically notified to the members. In addition, since you can stick stamps and messages from "Comment," all necessary communications are completed on COREDRIVE.
Hot news for mobile material users
Shared Files are preserved only on the cloud, and it does not become a burden on the line by reducing unnecessary transmission. Mobile media users who care about the traffic volume can also enjoy file exchange without worry.